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Our sustainable Christmas gift guide

‘Tis the season… for considered gift giving.

With the consumption-driven festive season just around the corner, now is time to make mindful choices as you tick off your Christmas list.

We’ve rounded up our gift recommendations to inspire those looking to embrace a sustainable approach without compromising on good design…

Transparent aim to make electronics that are ‘forever upgradable’


Transparent | Light Speaker

Transparent are committed to eco-friendly practices and have announced a partnership with the Keep Electrical and Electronic Products (KEEP) project, a traceability system that allows you to follow the life cycles of your electronic products.

Their Light Speaker is a merger of an omnidirectional speaker (when paired with Bluetooth) and a glass lantern with in-built bass-and-light element which creates a natural, flickering effect that replicates real flames. A classic, functional and simplistic light device merged with new technology, boasting 10 hours of battery time.

A modular design that can be repaired and upgraded over time, the aluminium exterior has been meticulously crafted to last a lifetime and the custom borosilicate glass cylinder allows you to view the inner components at work. It’s a statement of timeless, modular electronics that blends into any environment and is capable of creating a big and open sound, with rich bass and crisp details.

Shoreline Shaving is on a mission help protect our oceans from plastic


Shoreline Shaving | Limited edition red razor

Shoreline Shaving is on a mission to change the way we shave, in order to help protect our oceans from plastic, whilst providing a high quality shaving experience. Their bamboo shaving kits make it easy to make the swap to a zero waste alternative which can be reused over and over again to help you create a more plastic-free bathroom regime.

Keeping it festive with a limited edition reusable safety razor in red, this travel set includes reusable safety razor, blades and travel bag.

Their metal safety razors are expertly designed for the face and the body. The slimline head and grooved edge make for a precision wet shave that’s clean and gentle on the skin whilst the long handle and textured grip allows you to safely shave in those hard to reach areas and maintain a smooth finish. The cutting edge Super Stainless Steel Blades are made by Shark and fit all standard double-edge safety razors.

Pott’s foundations are in two very simple ideas: love your planet and support local artisan makers

Pott candles custom_resized_ea53e3ae-2477-4776-a762-6745e85efc78_1024x1024@2x

Pott | The Holly

Every year in the UK 360 million candles are burned, leaving behind an awful lot of empty candle pots. Pott candles came about with the aim to reduce this waste. Rather than leave behind a redundant candle pot every time, purchase your forever Pott and when the natural wax candle has burned out, simply order a refill – one Pott for the rest of your life.

The Potts are hand-thrown by potters across the UK. Lovingly handcrafted by a skilled artisan, each handmade Pott is slightly different and has its own little personality.

Their limited edition ‘The Holly’ Christmas Pott, handthrown by Jack in Wimbledon, London comes in a limited edition Christmas canvas bag, designed by local artist Em, from Up The Mossy Hill. Choose from Fir (Siberian pine, eucalyptus & woods) or Noël (Cinnamon, clove, mandarin, vanilla & musk) scents. All the candles are lovingly blended and hand-poured, using natural wax with 100% natural essential oils and sustainable fragrance oils.

by Humankind personal care products are designed to reduce single-use plastic waste in your daily routine

by humankind SET-DAILY-07

by Humankind | Best sellers set

by Humankind offers ultra-luxe bath, eco-friendly beauty, and grooming products in sustainable packaging — think shampoo and conditioner bars, mouthwash tabs, deodorant in a refillable bottle, and chewable toothpaste.

Start here to reduce the single-use plastic in your routine: their best sellers set bundles the brand’s bestsellers, including mouthwash, toothpaste, deodorant, and floss.

Each product is designed to eliminate 90% or more of the single-use plastic found in the products we use in our daily routines.


Weaver Green make recycled plastic rugs and textiles from discarded plastic bottles

Weaver Green | Madras Pink Check Cushion

Weaver Green was established to see if some of the mountains of plastic waste that is polluting our seas and landfill could be turned into a useful and practical yarn. It took seven years to create the perfect textile, that not only has the look and feel of wool, but is also machine washable, stain resistant, environmentally friendly and suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Their collection of heavy and lightweight cushions look and feel just like wool but are made entirely of recycled bottles. Soft, easy to clean and hard-wearing, they’re perfect for using around the home and make wonderful outdoor cushions on a garden chair or sofa.

Stain-resistant, machine washable and weatherproof, these practical, fully recycled cushions are great for pet owners, allergy sufferers and clumsy drinkers. They’re also handy in households accustomed to small children who can’t tell soft furnishings from a piece of paper.


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