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Sustainable, design-led Christmas gifts

While a festive season like we never known before gathers pace, we round up our gift recommendations to inspire those looking to embrace a sustainable approach without compromising on good design…

WXY candle

WXY have created an all-round cleaner, better and fairer candle with a donation to charity built-in.

Their fragrances are thoughtfully created and incorporated into hand-poured candles made in the UK using recyclable materials wherever possible, and virtually no plastics. Their products contain no animal-derived materials or parabens and for great, clean-burning results, they use a 100% plant-based wax which is palm-free and wood wicks.

WXY’s Amber collection features a special range of elemental scents inspired by nature and the natural world.

Form biodegradable yoga mat

Form takes a 360° approach to health, fitness and sustainability.

Their mission is two-fold, helping you and helping the planet: one – to improve the health of their customers and the health of our planet, through designing beautiful, sustainable, high-performance fitness products, and two – to inspire and lead a movement within the fitness industry, where sustainable design becomes the standard, not the exception.

Onyx is their first fully bio-degradable mat, designed using a unique material with a smooth, instantly-grippy surface and sustainably sourced natural rubber base, providing you with comfort and support from day one. This smart, sophisticated mat has been laser-engraved with the Form Grid, helping you to improve alignment and consistency during your practice.

Good Company notebook

A Good Company do not compromise between design and sustainability.

They have created the world’s first climate-positive notebook made from recycled stone. Leftover stone from local industries is transformed into paper in a process that uses no water or chemicals and runs on solar energy. The result? Naturally white paper which has no grain direction resulting in a frictionless, silky-smooth writing experience. It is also waterproof, tear-resistant and wrinkle-free.

And to make their products not just neutral, but climate-positive, they offset all carbon emissions from the production of each notebook using carbon capture programmes such as tree planting, capturing more than is emitted, so each notebook has a negative carbon footprint.

Tentree thick knit socks

Tentree empower everyone to plant trees with their purchases, while offering sustainably made products for all to enjoy. With a vision to plant 1 billion trees by 2030, the company is rooted in the belief that we have a responsibility to protect and preserve the world we live in. Buy one item of clothing and they plant ten trees.

Their clothing range focuses on practical, stylish outdoorwear for men and women made from sustainable materials including organic cotton, hemp, recycled polyester (composed of discarded plastic bottles destined for landfill) and TENCEL™ (a fabric made of responsibly sourced wood pulp, and produced in an entirely “closed-loop” process. This means its solvents are captured and reused, and no contaminants are released into the environment).

These cosy thick knit socks embroidered with Tentree’s Golden Spruce graphic are made from 75% Recycled Polyester.

Ekobo bamboo dinnerware

Ekobo design to do better with less.

Their aim is to facilitate eco-gestures in real people’s homes, to save space and offer multi-functional solutions. From the very start, their designs aim to simplify life, celebrate beauty and fight against waste which begins with the commitment to using eco-responsible and sustainable materials.

Their dinnerware is made to mix and match from FSC-Certified Bamboo and 100% Food Safe Resin, it is free of BPA, PVC and Phthalate. Eco-friendly, re-usable and shatter-proof, this range is also a great option for the great outdoors, camping or picnics.





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