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London Craft Week

‘Craft’ and ‘craftsmanship’ in the twenty-first century brings to mind ideas of reassuring familiarity, a warmth found in natural materials worked by hand, carefully considered design and good old-fashioned hard graft.

It resonates as something of meaning; an ideal that could provide the basis for a more sustainable and happier way of life with a commonality at its heart – the approach as opposed to the outcome. An understanding of the nuances of a material and how to get the best from it. An investment of time and development of knowledge and experience is imbued within the concept of craft. And it’s that elusive element we connect with and appreciate – the care, time and skill endowed in the end result.

In celebration of the best of twenty-first-century craftsmanship, we look to the return of London Craft Week this week as a showcase of exceptional craftsmanship from around the world…

A magical combination of imagination, individuality, passion and skill found in the best-made of things.

London Craft Week 2020Celebrating outstanding British and international creativity, London Craft Week brings together over 250 established and emerging makers, designers, brands and galleries from around the world.

It aims to celebrate exceptional creativity and craftsmanship, acting as a bridge between iconic heritage and contemporary brands as well as independent makers, allowing them to tell their stories. It shines a spotlight on ‘unsung creative heroes’ telling the stories behind some of the world’s most beautiful objects – the material, the maker, the process and the inspiration.

Beginning on the 30th September and running until 10th October, the event normally takes place in May, however, this year’s edition was postponed due to COVID-19. With social distancing guidelines adhered to, visitors will be able to enjoy a combination of physical and digital installations taking place throughout London.

In light of the economic downturn experienced this year, it is a crucial moment for the craft community to rally together and support each other. Many individual artisans and small workshops are uncertain of their future ahead, and so the role of London Craft Week this year is more important than ever in supporting these skillsets which have formed the backbone of the modern economy. Coupled with this, the values of buying local, and buying less but better, are fundamental to the implementation of a sustainable future.

And so, here’s our pick of some of the upcoming events to look out for which champion the emerging talent, collaboration, sustainable design, behind-the-scenes insight and dedication of the contemporary craft movement.

300 Objects: An Inaugural Exhibition for Modern Day Patrons
30 September – 10 October 2020, 11am – 5pm
Quadrant Arcade, 82 Regent Street, London, W1B 5HB

300-objects_Darren-Appiagyei-photo-by-@_JERMAINEMILLERAn exhibition showcasing established artists and master craftspeople juxtaposed with those yet to be discovered, with selections by guest curators Martin Brudnizki, Alice Fisher, Yinka Ilori, Bianca Saunders, Charlotte Taylor, Russell Tovey, Kristen de le Vaillière, Kristen Joy Watts and Holly Wood.

The artists were chosen by the team of guest curators with a simple brief: they must select work from an artist, maker or designer that they love. All objects will be available for sale.


Ways of Seeing at The New Craftsmen
30 September – 3 October 2020, 11am – 6pm & 5 October – 8 October 2020, 11am – 6pm
The New Craftsmen, 34 North Row, London, W1K 6DG

Ways of Seeing The New CraftsmenA collaborative project bringing together maker and interior designer; The New Craftsmen will invite three prestigious interior designer studios – Maria Speake, Founder of Retrouvius; Emma Burns, Senior Design Director at Sibyl Colefax & John Fowler; and Sasha von Meister and Tom Bartlett, Directors of Waldo Works – to explore the different ways they view and value craft.

Each interior designer will develop their own unique scheme and room concept showcasing their individual personality and talent whilst highlighting new pieces from The New Craftsmen makers’ collections.

Each scheme will be interpreted by an illustrator, bringing the imagination and spirit of the rooms to life, with the final outcome echoed in a vignette which will be exhibited in The New Craftsmen showroom.

The Natural Room – Designer’s Tour at Sarah Myerscough Gallery
30 September – 2 October 2020, 10am – 6pm | 3 October 2020, 10am – 4pm
5 October – 9 October 2020, 10am – 6pm | 10 October 2020, 10am – 4pm
Sarah Myerscough Gallery, 1 White Hart Lane, London, SW13 0PX

The-Natural-Room-1536x886The Natural Room embraces our innate human connection to the natural world; it encourages us to look more closely at the objects that surround us and to ask ourselves why we’ve chosen them.

The collection is composed of handcrafted contemporary design and art pieces that have been created by individuals, often working with local communities. It involves ethical and emotional decisions to use slow grown, organic materials and skill-based craft. The international artist-designer-makers included in the collection embrace these ideologies of sustainability and conscious sourcing to create beautifully crafted furniture pieces and sculptural objects in materials such as wood, jute, sisal, willow, stoneware and salt.

These objects and furniture pieces ask to be treasured as heirlooms in our families over time, instead of falling into the pitfalls and landfills of fast consumerism.

The exhibition runs until 7 November and designer Peter Marigold will give a tour of the exhibition and talk about his cleft collection, a collaborative project with Japanese master craftsman Tadanori Tozawa, during London Craft Week.

Create Day
10 October 2020

Create Day 2020The team behind London Craft Week are launching the first Create Day on 10th October: a new interactive platform showcasing twenty-four hours of non-stop human ingenuity, imagination, diversity and skills from around the globe.

Create Day stars a line-up of gifted artists-makers-designers and other creators, some famous, others little known, all world-class. These Creative Heroes will open their studios, factories, workshops, kitchens, homes, colleges, construction sites and community spaces. From household names to experts next door, from the inner city to remote islands, they will share those life-affirming ‘aha moments’ that reveal what really goes into making something special, special.

Featuring live-streams, demonstrations, tastings and behind-the-scenes tours, Create Day is a moment when makers and their fans can meet, share ideas and be inspired by each other.

Over 24 hours on 10 October 2020, you will be able to view the digital programme on

Future Icons Presents
30 September – 10 October 2020
Future Icons, Unit 70, Burlington Arcade, 51 Piccadilly, Mayfair, London, W1J 0QJ

Future Icons PresentsPresenting unique creations from 12 leading artisans in the field, the Future Icons pop-up highlights the dedication and skill behind every piece; each presented as an heirloom of the future.

Curated across two floors, Future Icons will present original handmade interior accessories and wall-based artworks through the mediums of wood, clay, metal and textiles. Visitors are invited to book appointments to meet the makers in person and discuss their processes and inspiration.


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