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A happy home

As we move into a new phase of the inter-pandemic existence, our homes are gradually returning to their pre-COVID role – that of a space of retreat, recuperation and relaxation; somewhere that sustains and enables us.

As schools re-open and we are encouraged to return to offices and workplaces for daily life, it seems an apt moment to look at how we can make a happy home of these familiar four walls, as the burden on them to be school and office, as well as home, begins to lessen…


Michelle Ogundehin, Happy Inside

Read all about it | Happy Inside

Writer, author, brand consultant and TV presenter, Michelle Ogundehin, has dedicated a significant portion of her illustrious career into “delving deeper than decor to explore the power of home as a path to wellbeing” and her book ‘ Happy Inside’ published in April 2020 is testament to this, aiming to change the way we think about home-making.

She advocates that our immediate environment can be fundamental to our health and happiness and the book outlines a step by step process for creating a happy home. Ranging from ‘intention’ (a reminder that new possessions and more space are not always the solution) to ‘energy’ and how we might change a gloomy or sluggish space to ‘welcome’ (how we want to feel when we first come home) and ‘nurture’ in terms of how we connect to the space around us, Happy Inside steps up as the ultimate guide to harnessing the power of your home for health and happiness.


Take simple steps

We can have an impact on our happiness by adjusting the habits and routines that constitute our lives at home; a few daily tweaks can become a catalyst for meaningful, positive change:

  • Make your bed. Set a positive tone for your day having ticked this simple accomplishment off the list; this simple habit creates a calm space and gives you a sense of taking charge of the day.
  • Restore every room. Tackling the clutter and paraphernalia of life on a daily basis allows you to feel in control. If the rooms in your home are ready to fulfil their primary function from the get-go, without the need to clear them of clutter first, these spaces within your home can provide definitive support unhindered.
  • Share the love. Display those treasured souvenirs, photographs and trinkets as they arrive into your home. Make your home a gallery of positive memories that inspire daily moments of mood-boosting reflection.
  • Embrace the everyday. There will always be dishes to be done, laundry to be tackled, stairs to be vacuumed; we can choose to bemoan these daily duties or embrace the sense of achievement from their outcome and attack them with positive energy. Ultimately while they are only some of the moments that constitute our daily lives, they are a ubiquitous presence that can we choose to conquer or succumb to.
  • Tidy up. One of the most effective methods of creating a calm environment at home is to keep surfaces clutter-free. Establish routines that store everyday items like keys, post, school bags, paperwork etc in dedicated spots rendering them much trickier to lose and keeping surfaces free of mounting daily admin to be sifted through.
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