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Ten reasons to choose Arlberry

We take pride in what we do and the way we’ve chosen to operate our business.
So, we thought we’d share our top ten reasons why we think you should choose us…

1. Considered design.

We are designing for the future. We hand make intelligent designs using traditional methods and sustainable practices. We have chosen to do this because we believe it’s vital for the future success of our company, our society and our planet.

2. Material innovation.

We strive to operate using carefully selected materials that are supported by initiatives which protect and replenish the natural resources used, and we’re always exploring innovation and developments in the industry so we can finish each and every piece we make with minimal environmental impact.

3. Mindful methods.

We utilise the most sustainable manufacturing practices possible, as far as we can. We’re not perfect but we’re trying our best.

Our workshop is powered by solar panels and a WT10 wood burner (fully compliant with the clean air act) is used to burn wood waste and convert it into energy to heat the space during the winter. (We also give all our sawdust to the local farmer who uses it as bedding to keep pigs and cows comfortable!)

All our bespoke furniture and made to measure joinery is made in the UK and materials are sourced locally as far as possible, keeping our carbon footprint comparatively low.

4. Working with you.

We work in partnership with our clients to integrate considered, wooden furniture and kitchen designs into their homes that reflect their style, meet their budget and minimise their environmental impact. We want our designs to add value to everyday lives and wellbeing, not just the buildings in which we live.

5. Made to measure.

Custom-made furniture ensures a perfect fit – be it in a period property packed with awkward spaces or existing heritage details to work around or a contemporary space that demands a certain scale of furniture. Our bespoke furniture is designed and made to fit seamlessly into the space, removing the need to have to live with any annoying edges, corners and crevices.

6. Future-proof design. 

All our furniture is designed with care and attention to detail and it is built to last. Furniture handmade for a specific space and purpose is executed to higher standards than most mass-produced pieces by its very nature and the time dedicated to each individual piece.

7. Expert input.

Working in partnership with our team of skilled professionals helps to broaden the horizons of your design.

Our experienced, expert eye can stretch your initial idea and develop the scope to maximise its potential, as well as temper it with practical guidance when needed, to ensure you don’t have to compromise further down the line due to unforeseen issues or over-optimistic expectations. Ultimately this delivers the best scheme possible for your space.

8. Unique style.

Bringing an interpretation of your individual sense of style to a space isn’t always achievable with ready-made furniture – compromise usually has to come into play to work around existing constraints.

Working in partnership with our skilled designers you have the opportunity to explore options you may not have considered, and bring to life design concepts entirely unique to you.

9. Creative collaboration.

We support local suppliers and trades whenever we can, promoting independent business, enterprise and innovation wherever possible and we actively champion like-minded partners, who share our ideals.

10. Locally handmade.

Every piece is made by hand in our workshop with uncompromising attention to detail, creating furniture that will stand the test of time.

Our cabinet makers’ dedication to ensuring every element of the design is executed to the highest stands, combined with an uncompromising passion for exceptional design and superior-quality workmanship, ensures our furniture is crafted with care and inimitable expertise.

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