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Work from home

As we adjust to an altered version of our lives for the immediate future, working from home for many of us became the new normal almost overnight.

Our homes have become spaces which now not only need to provide us with room to relax and recuperate whilst staving off boredom and cabin fever but they must also enable those of us able to, to continue working and remain productive.

So, for those of us still reeling, we look at the possibilities for creating a dedicated workspace where you are happy to spend time…

Re-consider the space.

Study with fitted bookcasesThink creatively. There may not be an obvious space in your home that promotes peace, concentration and productivity. If space is limited, re-consider existing rooms and how they might be re-purposed.

Is there a space that is infrequently used which could offer up a solution? A spare room, understairs nook/cupboard or dining room only used for Sunday roasts? Consider condensing your clothing to free up space so that you can transform a built-in cupboard into a small but perfectly formed workspace.

Lack of natural light is a classic complaint of office workers, so take advantage of being at home and put your new work station in prime position beside a window.

Finding an area that allows for dedicated time to focus, ideally separated from home life, promotes healthy boundaries and enables you to ‘go to work’.

Get organised.

Bespoke oak office desk and shelvingWhile working and home lives collide, organisation is king. Try to create a space that allows you to have what you need to hand but doesn’t become overloaded with clutter. If your working space is clean and clear, and feels under control, this will impact positively on your approach to work.

Streamline shelves and storage spaces. If storage space is limited, find another area of your home for items and supplies that you use less frequently.

If working from home feels like a long term goal, look at a change in wall colour to mark out a work zone in an open-plan home. Or surround yourself with ideas and incorporate a cork wall (taking the pinboard idea a step further by cladding a whole wall in it) – this sustainable material will also help keep your study peaceful by absorbing sound.

Make the space your own as far as you can – add your favourite plant, candle or photograph to make it an area of your home you’re happy to spend time in. By finding the best place, keeping it organised and adding elements that express who you are, you’ll enjoy it more and work better.

Work smart.

White study room with deskMaintaining a sense of structure is crucial, as well as upholding the distinction between work and rest. Establishing a routine will create a feeling of regularity and rhythm in your day as well as helping to bring support and comfort to difficult times.

While the morning commute is temporarily suspended, consider adding in a mindfulness practice such as meditation to ease any anxieties and bring balance to the day in the time you might have been travelling.

Give yourself permission to take breaks when concentration flags, get moving and if you can, get some fresh air to help you re-focus on the next task at hand.

Dress for work. What you wear can have an impact on how motivated you feel; mentally and physically prepare yourself to be productive.

Set your ground rules and stick to them. As far as you can. These are testing times that demand more from our homes and ourselves than we could have anticipated but we can take it as an opportunity to look afresh at our space and explore its potential…

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