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Wellness at home

Just as it seemed the times couldn’t become more turbulent, they did. And now we’re seeing even more how the impact of our homes and personal spaces can be so significant.

So, we take a moment to consider how our homes can support our wellbeing in these unsettling times…

Carrara stone work topA supportive sanctuary.

Our homes can act as one of the strongest supports in our lives. From clean lines, calming tones, and oxygen-boosting indoor plants, our homes can be curated to create wellness opportunities that provide us with the same level of self-care that our mind and body practices do.

Providing sanctuary, when we focus on our environmental wellbeing and fill our homes with healthy triggers we can have a huge impact on our physical self. Homes that are unclean, messy, unkempt environments can contribute to a range of physical and mental health issues.

Visual triggers play an integral role. A pantry stocked with fresh produce, a kitchen table with fresh flowers and bright fruit inspires us to eat well. An inviting nook always ready to be curled up in with a book, or available as a meditation spot, promotes taking the opportunity to pause, gather thoughts and take downtime on a daily basis.

Declutter your home in the vein of William Morris “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful” to create clean, balanced spaces capable of providing moments of peace within the frenetic pace of modern-day life.

Library bookcase on stairway

Go with the flow.

Consider the layout and flow of your home and its furniture. Allow for spaces to linger and pause alongside areas for productivity, and reflect on how these rooms connect.

When form and function are effectively combined and your home delivers on practicality as well as reflecting your style it can set every day up to a positive start. But compromise on style, function and practicality can often be part of creating an interior space as it is rare for the perfect solution to already be in existence. Consider bespoke pieces that suit you, your family and your space as an option. Bespoke furniture can create an intelligent, viable design solution – an interior scheme made for you.

Working in partnership with a skilled professional also helps to broaden the horizons of your design. An experienced, expert eye can stretch your initial idea and develop the scope to maximise its potential, as well as temper it with practical guidance when needed.

Modern, slab-door, family kitchen with oak breakfast barMaterials matter. 

With a focus on creating a simple sense of peaceful calm in our homes, we often look to the natural world for inspiration and so are frequently drawn to natural and organic materials to achieve this aesthetic.

By inviting the outdoors in, be it in terms of colour palettes, actual greenery or the materials used to create the space, we are continually looking to reconnect with nature. Drawing on the raw beauty of natural materials and their inherent warmth and tactility to provide comfort.

In terms of both durability and a tactile, warm finish, wood (of course) will always be our material of choice complemented by high-quality finishes including marble, stone, stoneware, earthenware and porcelain, which work well to bring design schemes together with a harmonious, authentic finish.

Embracing nature. 

Although, embracing nature in your home goes beyond just incorporating natural materials and decoration of your space.

Tuning your home into the rhythms of nature allows us to tap into instinctively balancing patterns. Rooms can be orientated to catch the best light of the day, bringing with it an uplifting and calming effect or cluttered pathways to doors can be cleared to allow better flow of air and people.

Let the light in. Make the most of your windows; keep them clean and pay close attention to where seating is placed in your home to maximise exposure to natural light.

In an increasingly frenetic world, the instinct to make our homes into calming, simple spaces we can retreat to just became a whole lot more important. So, perhaps we can embrace the opportunity to bring some wellness home?

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