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Looking ahead…2020

As the festive season inches nearer and we start looking ahead to a new year, we thought we’d take a moment to look at how the design landscape might evolve in 2020.

While we’re not a trend-driven business, (good design which is handmade to last will outlive trends all the way), we are mindful that our designs stay relevant whilst embracing our core principles. With this in mind, we expect to see more of the following coming through in 2020…

Biophilic design & bringing nature indoors

As we have already considered with our look at home happiness, biophilia and our love of nature are gaining momentum all the time within our interior spaces.

By inviting the outdoors in, be it in terms of colour palettes, actual greenery or the materials used to create the space, we are continually looking to reconnect with nature. Drawing on the raw beauty of natural materials and their inherent warmth and tactility to provide comfort in a turbulent time seems unlikely to be a drive that will leave us as we look ahead.

Sustainable design

As twenty-first designers and makers, creating carefully considered designs whilst keeping an eye on their impact on our society and planet has never been more important.

Sustainability in design is becoming more prevalent with a focus on environmentally-friendly production processes, minimising waste and working with sustainable materials set to become increasingly important. We strive to operate using the most sustainable practices possible, combined with carefully selected materials that are supported by initiatives that protect and replenish the natural resources used.

Keep it minimal 

Modern, slab-door, family kitchen island

In an increasingly frenetic world, the instinct to make our homes into calming, simple spaces we can retreat to and enjoy time with loved ones in, will continue to play a significant role in design. Clean lines, defined colour palettes and careful selection of materials and multi-functional furniture all come together to help create spaces that provide a sanctuary when we need it.

Combined with notions of decluttering and ‘lagom’ continuing to resonate throughout popular culture, a simple, considered, more curated aesthetic looks set to evolve over the coming year to create an environment that is both balanced and calming.



Superior quality furniture and sash windows made by handA resurgence of craftsmanship is gaining momentum and looks to continue into 2020. An investment of time and development of knowledge and experience is imbued within the concept of craft and it’s that elusive element we see more and more people connecting with and appreciating – the care, time and skill endowed in the end result.

Traditional carpentry and craftsmanship have been at the heart of our business since we set out and we take great pride in each and every element of our field of craft; we have long championed the importance of a sustainable approach to business and for us, craft will always matter. It defines a collaborative way of working and contributing positively to our immediate community.

Focus on natural & organic materials

Modern, slab-door, family kitchen with oak breakfast bar

In keeping with creating a simple sense of calm that chimes in with the natural world, a focus on natural and organic materials to achieve this aesthetic seems inevitable.

In terms of both durability and a tactile, warm finish, wood (of course) will always be our material of choice complemented by high-quality finishes including marble, stone, stoneware, earthenware and porcelain, which work well to bring design schemes together with a harmonious, authentic finish.

Handcrafted, bespoke designs that work with these materials to showcase them at their finest will move to the fore, allowing artisans and craftsmen who create pieces that last generations not seasons to champion the key trends (as we see it) for the year ahead…

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