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Happiness begins at home

It’s official. Happiness really does begin at home.

A new international study undertaken by the Happiness Research Institute earlier this year considered the impact of our homes on our overall happiness and wellbeing. They established that within our lives our home has a significant effect on how happy we are, second only to the influence of our mental health.

According to the study, how happy we feel at home is ultimately dictated by five core emotions: pride, comfort, identity, safety and control, each intrinsically linked to the emotional connection we make with our home. Whether or not we are able to fulfill each of these emotional needs has a big impact on how we feel about our home, which impacts our overall happiness. Bespoke joinery and flooring for country home near BathAnd there is one emotion in particular which dominates our ‘home happiness‘ – pride. Feeling pride in our home is integral to our overall happiness and, as such, how we achieve this pride in our surroundings and personal space becomes an important focus.

Home improvement and the evolution of our personal style, be it the way you arrange and decorate your interior or the design components integrated into the space, can clearly affect how you feel. Linked to this, the materials and finishes we use to improve and decorate our homes, and what we choose to construct our interiors from, step up to play an integral role. The hypothesis of biophilia (which suggests that humans possess an innate tendency to seek connections with nature), our inherent love of nature and the perpetual trend of inviting the outdoors in, come to mind in design terms. An approach we embrace with every project crafted from certified timber to bring the warmth and tactility of wood indoors to be enjoyed for generations.

Alongside this, the approach of forming closer bonds with the natural world is one that resonates with the urgent need for a focus on sustainability in design and designing for the future. Working with wood as a natural product means our output is inherently reusable in some form but chiefly, our ‘products’ are designed and handcrafted to last as an integral part of the space into which they are incorporated. We are designing for the future – creating intelligently designed spaces from high-quality materials which are handmade using traditional methods and sustainable practices executed to the highest standards.

F&B_NaturalHistoryMuseum_paint colours

Image: Farrow & Ball

The approach of returning to nature to create a happy home is gaining momentum across the design industry – earlier this year, the paint giant that is Farrow & Ball released a new range of colours following a collaboration with the Natural History Museum. Inspired by Werner’s Nomenclature of Colours (the original book which classified colours in nature and recorded in painstaking detail the exact hues and corresponding parts of animals, vegetables and minerals), the 16 colours in the Colour by Nature collection were drawn directly from the natural world and created in eco-friendly water-based paints to “help you bring the true colours of nature into your home”.

The scope for our homes to impact our wellbeing shouldn’t be underestimated. What we surround ourselves with becomes part of our personal history, legacy and life story. We connect with our spaces and buildings emotionally and, it seems, developing pride in them allows our homes to become somewhere we may not only live, but thrive.
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