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Why buy bespoke?

What starts as a rough idea and might make it onto the back of an envelope can be turned into reality to transform your space and, by association, your daily life…

Our surroundings have the ability to make a hugely positive difference to our daily lives and wellbeing – when form and function are effectively combined and the space delivers on practicality as well as reflecting your style it can set every day up to a positive start – and so, the importance of creating surroundings that are suited to our space and lives shouldn’t be underestimated.

Library bookcase with secret door and ladder Our daily surroundings become part of our personal history, legacy and life story – their design should be carefully considered to add value to everyday lives, not just the building in which they reside. However, compromise on style, function and practicality can often be part of creating an interior space as it is rare for the perfect solution to already be in existence – fit, finish, materials, design and size all come into play, alongside your needs and wants from the space.

Creating bespoke pieces that suit you, your family and your space provides the solution. Every bespoke commission begins with the client: the space, the idea or the challenge. An intelligent, viable design solution that brings these elements together into a cohesive whole then begins to take shape – an interior scheme made for you, in partnership with you.

The benefits of bespoke…


Made to measure

Custom-made furniture ensures a perfect fit – be it in a period property packed with awkward spaces or existing heritage details to work around or a contemporary space that demands a certain scale of furniture. Bespoke furniture is designed and made to fit seamlessly into the space, removing the need to have to live with any annoying edges, corners and crevices.

Individual materials 

Working with a designer to create a bespoke piece places an almost infinite combination of materials at your disposal – finish, tone and quality all become variables within your control to suit your space. Instead of settling on the closest shade that works from what’s available you have the ability to tailor your scheme to your desired aesthetic.

The opportunity to choose your materials also allows influence on quality – having the option to select higher quality materials to form the backbone of your design ensures it will last a lifetime.

Modern white and blue kitchen with oak orangeryFuture-proof design 

Bespoke furniture is designed with care and attention to detail and it is built to last. Furniture handmade for a specific space and purpose is executed to higher standards than most mass-produced pieces by its very nature and the time dedicated to each individual piece.

In the case of Arlberry Bespoke furniture, we further ‘future-proof’ our designs by utilising environmentally friendly finishes alongside sustainable materials and manufacturing processes, to create pieces that will last for generations not seasons.

Unique style

Bringing an interpretation of your individual sense of style to a space isn’t always achievable with ready-made furniture – compromise usually has to come into play to work around existing constraints.

Working in partnership with skilled designers you have the opportunity to explore options you may not have considered and bring to life design concepts entirely unique to you.

Expert input

Working in partnership with a skilled professional helps to broaden the horizons of your design. An experienced, expert eye can stretch your initial idea and develop the scope to maximise its potential, as well as temper it with practical guidance when needed, to ensure you don’t have to compromise further down the line due to unforeseen issues or over-optimistic expectations. Ultimately this delivers the best scheme for your space.

And, as our homes become increasingly important as a space to retreat, somewhere in which we feel secure, relaxed and able to replenish our reserves, surely it makes sense to ensure these spaces are the absolute best they can be? Unique to our style and bespoke to our needs, to improve our lives every day.

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