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Designed and handmade for you

From beginning to end, we work in partnership with our clients to bring their interior design ideas to life. Expertly designed and handcrafted, all our furniture is custom-made to suit your style.

Whether you’re searching for inspiration for your space, have a Pinterest board overflowing with ideas, looking to make an entirely unique style statement or working with a challenging layout or building, we can help. Combining classic and contemporary design aesthetics with the best of traditional craftsmanship and sustainable materials, our uncompromising passion for exceptional design and superior-quality workmanship informs every facet of our work. Our design and workshop teams use their extensive experience to create unrivalled, tailormade furniture and interiors with the utmost care and attention to detail.

With this in mind, we thought we’d share the process behind creating an Arlberry Bespoke interior scheme…

Design consultation

Call, email or visit our experienced design team to start the conversation. We can help you explore possibilities and turn your ideas into a reality; we will take the time to understand what you need from the space, the style you’re aiming to achieve and the challenges involved. We can then offer our expert advice to explore ideas and options you might not have considered – how about a dressing room with a secret door to the ensuite? Or a library bookcase with a sliding ladder in that awkward spot? Perhaps your kitchen needs freestanding island storage instead of wall cabinets?

Our designers can help shape your ideas as much or as little as you want, to develop an interior design scheme that is entirely unique to you, your space and your style.

Design development

Once we have an idea of the scope of the project and what you’re hoping to achieve, we can provide you with a guide price and, providing you’re happy, we will then visit you to start working on the details of the project. We’ll take measurements, get a sense of the space to develop design concepts, share our ideas on the scheme and consider potential aspects that might be developed or possible challenges.

After this, we’ll draw up three dimensional CAD drawings to start bringing the concept to life and to illustrate the design in context. At this stage, we’ll refine the design with your feedback and start making choices on materials, fixtures, fittings and finishes. Here you’ll benefit from the experience of our team, being able to advise on the implications of important choices at this stage (rather than discovering further down the line that your chosen timber won’t actually be suitable for that purpose or the finish will come up several shades darker in that context), we can help you avoid last-minute changes or compromises.

Next, we’ll invite you into the showroom to finalise your designs and work through the intricacies to make sure the scheme works for you. This is when we confirm all the details – down to shelf heights, the number of drawers, what you need to keep where – until we’re happy every element of the design is the absolute best it can be. Every design we draw is entirely bespoke to each client and customised to suit your style and space so you can be confident every detail has been carefully considered.

Locally handmade

Once we have your nod, we will create technical drawings and move your design into production. Every piece is made by hand in our workshop with uncompromising attention to detail and the best quality materials, to create the finest luxury furniture that will stand the test of time.

Our cabinet makers’ dedication to ensuring every element of the design is executed to the highest stands, combined with an uncompromising passion for exceptional design and superior-quality workmanship, informs every facet of their work and ensures your furniture has been crafted with care and inimitable expertise. We will only prepare the components of your scheme for installation when we are happy they have met our exacting standards.

Installed by our skilled team

Finally, your furniture will be delivered by our team in its component parts and carefully installed. Our installation team work closely with design and production to ensure they are fully up to speed with every element and nuance of the scheme so they can bring your design to life with dedicated skill, care and expertise.

The end result? The finest quality furniture designed and handmade exclusively for you.

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